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So, it's been some kind of a year...

I am certain that no teacher or student was planning for this past year+ of learning in these times. 

This has been my first year of instructing APUSH, as well as American History I and II, and as I have strived to be "all-in" with my students, I know how challenging this year has been for us all.
As I have been in the trenches with my colleagues at my school, across our district, and even magically and miraculously kind-hearted titans of APUSH, I am hopeful that perhaps this resource will be a help to you. 

You'll note, of course, that little of the content here is my own original work, but of teachers, authors, and educators at large who have earned their Medal of APUSH Freedom (if there isn't an award for this, I'll put in the call immediately). 

Please know that you can achieve whatever you set your mind to - with however much time you have until your exam, prepare as best as you can and then do your very best. No one can expect more than that. 

To my current, former, future, and those students whom I may not get to hang out with - 









Mr. Nadav Avital



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